Rice Methodology

Welcome to RICE, where dreams transform into reality through our unique methodology designed to ensure your success in professional competitive exams. Our approach focuses on capacity buildup, a process that goes beyond traditional learning, preparing you for a diverse range of subjects across streams.


Interactive Classes

Engage in interactive sessions led by experienced faculty, which helps foster a dynamic learning environment. These classes encourage students to delve into subjects beyond their primary interest area, which promotes a well-rounded knowledge base.


Researched Content and Study Material

Access meticulously curated study material that serves as a comprehensive guide. Our content is designed to facilitate deep understanding and ensure effective learning, which helps navigate through a wide array of subjects.

Continuous Assessment

Regular assessments, including homework, class tests, Mission 100, weekly descriptive writing tests,
monthly exams, and semester exams, keep you on track for consistent improvement and success.



Build your own "answer bank" through diligent work, combine insights from class lectures, reference books, and study material to develop a robust understanding.

Class Test

Daily 15-minute tests motivate students towards regularity and sincerity, which in turn helps foster a habit of continuous improvement.

Mock Test

Simulate exam conditions through our Mock Tests, available both online and offline, that aids in familiarizing yourself with question patterns specific to your target examinations.

Monthly Exam

Mission 100 ensures a constant flow of questions,which allows you to practice and master both current and previous syllabi, resulting in 2,400 questions at the end of six months.

Futuristic Learning

Experience blended learning, a hybrid of online and offline classes, that provides flexibility and promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills.


Pre-recorded Video for Learning & Revision

Access pre-recorded videos for flexible learning, allows students to save and rewatch content at their own pace.

Online Quizzes for Self-Assessment

Engage in carefully designed quizzes to build confidence and promote goal-oriented leadership through rigorous self-evaluation.

Online Tests as Per Planned Evaluation

Experience digital era testing for transparent and accurate evaluations, ensuring fairness in assessments.

Mock Test Series

Prepare for challenges in time management, strategy application, and effective answer structuring through our Mock Test Series.

Regular Doubt Clearing

Promote curiosity and address doubts through regular doubt clearing sessions, this ensures a supportive and enriching environment for aspirants preparing for exams such as WBCS, PSC, Banking, SSC, UPSC, and more. Embrace the RICE methodology, and embark on a journey of holistic learning and unparalleled success in your competitive exams.