Shri Sachis Kiran Roy played a pivotal role in the field of education and it was his dream to establish an institution which would mark itself as a pioneer in this field, by contributing in the area of practical training and education. It was his vision to establish a full-fledged well-equipped training institute to develop the young minds of the future generations to face the challenges of the industry.

RICE Education is the realization of that long-nurtured dream, which was set up with a strong promise of providing quality training and education of young bright-eyed aspirants for government jobs. The aim was to strike a balance between the academic orientation of the mainstream education system and the needs of industry and governance, which has been perfected over the years.

Ricesmart - About Us
Ricesmart - Our Mission

Our Mission

Move to create a knowledge-driven society

  • To scale up education with scientific methodology, relevant content, and highly experienced faculty.
  • To constantly incorporate innovative technology in order to stay relevant as the most reliable institution for the preparation of competitive examinations.
  • To provide quality education to students for the competitive examinations.
  • To be a partner in the success journey of every student
Ricesmart - Our Vision

Our Vision

Learning today for leading tomorrow

  • To be a national leader in the preparation for government and other competitive examinations.
  • To impart quality education, keeping students and their success as our only objective