Are you confused about how to start your preparation for competitive government examinations?

hAre you confused about how to start your preparation for competitive government examinations?


Ace the upcoming competitive government exam by developing the mindset of that of a winner. In this article, we will discuss the correct approach for any competitive exam that a candidate aspires to crack, along with the preparation strategy, syllabus and evaluation of these examinations. A proper and goal aligned mindset is required in order to win the race. In order to start your preparation with any competitive exam there are a set of activities and tips that will help a person prime themselves before starting the race:

  1. Understand Your Interest: It is of utmost importance to find the area of interest whenever stepping in a territory less known. Knowing the area of interest would help a student move forward with utmost confidence since there are no gray areas. There is a list of competitive government courses offered at Rice Education, but knowing which subjects are of your interest would guide you in deciding your weaknesses and strengths. Focussing and preparing for a course of interest is a key factor in making an effective start to preparation strategy. If you are interested in a study you will always be well prepared and get an edge over others


  1. Know the Exam: It's the first and foremost step that most aspirants unfortunately ignore. Collecting all the information about the exam and going through the details of the syllabus gives a deeper insight into the mechanisms of the exam. Create a mind map or note down how many subjects you have for the exam and the days on which you have to sit for them. Then organize your study accordingly.


  1. Set clear targets: Have a goal in mind and then create small achievable goals. Do not overburden yourself with unrealistic goals. One must be self-aware of their progress in terms of preparation and growth and should be able to apprehend the portions that need better preparation. Make a time table in a pattern that allows enough time for you to allocate more time for difficult subjects and analyze previous year question papers. Timing yourself while solving the question paper would improve productivity in studies.


  1. Make a Good Strategy: Set a preparation strategy to sort out a study plan. After you have decided on “what needs to be prepared” it is your turn to plan “how to prepare”. The time table should encompass both short term and long term goals. A good time table would likely help avoid haphazardness. If you feel you need professional guidance in such preparations, we have a total of sixteen Rice coaching centers in West Bengal where you can get proper guidance under professionally trained and experienced mentors.


  1. Self management and time management: Time management not only helps boost confidence but also helps eliminate panic that creeps in because of piling tasks. Self-management or self-regulation, is the ability to regulate one's emotions, thought process, and behaviors effectively in different settings. Also,a bit of physical activity and meditation helps to improve concentration and makes you refreshed of the monotonous routine. Get 7+ hours of sleep, this will ensure that your brain functions and is able to concentrate on an optimum speed.


  1. Organize your study space: Find a quiet space to study. This would ensure that you aren’t distracted by unnecessary chatting and noises. The environment must be a replica of a library where there is pin drop silence. This would increase your concentration for self study as well as while attending classes. Make sure your space is comfortable and free from any distractions such as mobile devices. Try to keep notebooks and stationery at an arm's length so that you can note down important points as and when required.


  1. Study Smartly: Working hard is always important but smart study never goes out of fashion. Make quick notes & devote time for self-study by focusing on qualitative studying rather than quantitative studying. Going through previous years question papers gives you a broad idea to analyze the kind of questions being asked, including heavy weightage topics. If you feel stuck or feel the need of a mentor who could guide you in your journey, don’t delay and get all the information about the education institutes like RICE Institute and the mentors teaching there. Collect brochures and talk to alumni members as well to get a fair idea about the actuals and get full details about study patterns and coachings at Rice.


  1. Build your Basics: Candidates may face problems in appearing for a competitive govt exam if the basics of subjects like mathematics and english aren’t strong. There are various courses available online which help to understand the fundamentals of the particular subject. This would ensure that a particular subject does not cause any hindrance to complete the study course.


  1. Be disciplined and committed: Attend the classes on a regular basis because in such heavily competitive examinations any kind of ignorant behavior shall adversely affect your preparation. Plan your preparation days well in advance. One of the worst habits of students is that most of them tend to study the day before the exam, last minute cramming would only make the situation worse.


  1. Revise and Evaluate Yourself Timely: Every candidate should have a regular revision strategy handy. It is said that it takes at least four times of rigorous revision to actually convert the learning in the short term memory into long term memory. Whatever you study should be revised on the third, sixth, twelfth day and after that on the twenty first day. A good revision cycle would definitely help ace the exam.


  1. Keep yourself motivated: The last and the most important thing is to keep yourself motivated as it is the key to success. To qualify any exam one should have a strong desire to clear. Stay away from stress during preparation time. Avoid people who bring out stress in you. Have a positive conversation in your head and every moment you must tell yourself “I Can, I Will” and we believe you will do it! Belief is a very powerful tool. You must believe in yourself and your preparation. Ensure that you study the same way throughout the year, to avoid last minute stress.

There is no better time than now. Speak to our counselors about the learning modes suitable for your preparation. To know more, enquire now!!