Jaiprakash Mishra member of academic board, RICE IAS

With the Kothari Committee recommendations coming into effect from 1979 Civil Services examination, 3 tier process of Preliminary, Mains, Interview started for one of the most competitive examinations in our country. I was one of the successful aspirants(AIR 294) who got recommended for Group A services. Despite being a Chemistry medalist of North Bengal University, I had chosen History and Political Science-International Relations as my optional. I repeated my attempts for next 2 times and cleared all the 3 tiers successfully with job offers. Thorough understanding of the concepts, focused attention to study material, use of maps, answer writing practice and regular study habits were some of the strategies for me.

Given strong motivation and correct guidance there is no reason why students from West Bengal cannot crack this examination in good number. The desire to excel, to be on top of any merit list, to be vested with administrative authority to work for the common man, create the most compelling vision to crack IAS examination.
There is over abundance of study material for students but the students need proper guidance on what to choose. Assimilation process for content must be worked with experts to gain leverage over the competition. This is where regular answer writing practice and evaluation comes into play.

I welcome the academically gifted students with a burning desire to serve the country and to be counted as a leader in the community to come forward and start on a ‘Wonderful Journey’ together.