Kailash Mishra – Director of Destination IAS academy

Dear Civil Services Aspirants,

    “A dream is not that which you see while sleeping. It is something that does not let you sleep “.  – APJ Abdul Kalam

To be an IAS /IPS is the dream of millions of students in India because it gives you a name, fame, power, prestige, reputation, and plenty of opportunities to do something for society and the nation as a whole. IAS officers are an integral part of the decision-making process of the country which leads the nation forward.

 Therefore, come forward and join in the initiative of “RICE IAS“ under the inspirational mentorship of Prof. Samit Ray. He is a visionary leader. He brought expert teachers in this field from different parts of the country under one umbrella “RICE IAS“ to realize your dream so that you will make your parents, teachers, society, and nation proud and inspire others to be like you.

IAS is not only a job profile; it’s a kind of responsibility and one should be capable of bearing those duties. They have the responsibility as per the area they choose but their main motive is social reformation and development whether it is the development of a society, a group of people, a school, etc, or the nation as a whole.

An IAS officer can make new rules for a certain area for its development. Suppose you feel there should be a school nearby; you can suggest the government and can help people. Similarly, it depends on the area you are posted. If it is a public sector then you will get the opportunity of social work; whereas if it is at the central level, one has to work with the government in making new rules and policies. Different ministers have a group of IAS officers under them, and these officers advise them and they play a very important role in the development of the nation.

It is not a post. It’s a responsibility and one should be ready mentally, that’s why the IAS exams are so tough. Because they have to deal with different types of situations and have to get a solution at any cost. If you have the aptitude/ attitude to bring change in your society, it is not a big deal for you

We, at the “RICE IAS“ try to inculcate that aptitude in you. You know that UPSC conducts aptitude tests in all three stages of the examination. In the first stage, “Civil Services Aptitude Test“ (CSAT). In the second stage,  examination, GS-4, “Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude” In the third stage “Interview “is all about your aptitude test.

Then what should be the aptitude of a civil services aspirant?

  • Bold and confident: Sometimes you will have to take strict decisions. You will have to face many pulls, push and pressure, and be firm but not arrogant.
  • Rational and reasonable: We have so many outdated traditions, customs, and value systems in our society; change them gradually but not radically with scientific interpretation.
  • Democratic and pro-government: We have adopted a democratic form of government wherein policy making is the responsibility of our elected representatives. You are supposed to implement the same without interference in policy matters. At the same time justify the decision of the government because you are an integral part of the system.
  • Realist and nationalist: There is one famous quote “No is permanent friends and foes in the international relation only national interest prevails “. Therefore, national interest is the paramount guide while you are posted as an ambassador of India. The interest of the common people is the supreme guide while you are implementing national policies and programs.

IAS /IPS is an “All India Service”. You can be posted in any part of the country, therefore, you should be above the feeling of casteism, communalism, regionalism, linguism, ethnicism, etc. A good officer requires the following qualities:

  • Good commonsense: To understand the situations and circumstances.
  • Good sense of humor: You can make anyone friend with help of your good sense of humor then people in your surrounding will be cooperative and comfortable with you.
  • Positive thinking: Without any foundation do not prejudice anyone. You should think first that all human beings are They can be reformed. It is the situation and circumstance that has made them bad.
  • Law abidingness: Follow law of the land even petty violations of laws should be taken seriously.
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI): More than 80 % of work is done with help of EI. All the good leaders of the world are emotionally intelligent. As an IAS/IPS, you are the leader of your district, and common people are scared to talk to you to try to understand their feelings and lead society in a positive direction.

At the “ RICE IAS “, under the guidance of Prof. Samit Ray and experts from different parts of the country, we will give you mentorship not only for prelims, mains, and interviews but also for personality development so that you get success in all walks of life.

Thank you.