How to manage preparation of government competitive exams while working full time?

How to manage preparation of government competitive exams while working full time

If you are struggling with managing your time between preparation of a competitive government exam & office work, then here we have a few pointers for you to remember while you prepare for the competitive exam. You will be able to find a solution to your struggle in finding time for preparation.


  1. Slow but sure : Your work pressure might be causing you to prepare slowly for exams but it is very important that workers especially full time professionals do not ignore the work at hand while preparing for the exam, it will only cause a buildup of incomplete work, ambiguity with piled up work, criticism from seniors and a fall in the graph of your work performance. Stay calm, be focused on your work. This might slowdown your preparation speed for exams but be sure of what portion is being covered out of the entire syllabus. Mentors at RICE help you keep track of your preparation performance so that you can improve on areas lacking attention.


  1. Studying hard and smart : It is essential to study hard as well as smart in order to learn a lot in a short time, especially for an examination. Acknowledge your resistance and difficult feelings with motivation while you sit for your studies. Only studying hard would make you feel stressful and smartness without hard work might cause you to miss out on important meticulous matters that the course has to offer. At our institute we properly groom students to have a birds eye view yet prepare meticulously for all the levels of the exam


  1. Know your syllabus and its content well : Being well aware of the course content and exam pattern will help you prepare and organize your preparation well in advance. Know the current content structure and assignments which are inline with the exam you choose to sit for. Get to know the syllabus, see syllabus examples so that it helps you through the coursework helping you make informed decisions. You can also contact us to get full details on the particular exam.


  1. Use your time effectively : Just sitting in front of the book for the sake of it won’t get you anywhere, make sure that even if you spend as little as thirty mins for your studies, it is power packed and productive. It helps you fulfill more tasks in less time. When you properly manage time, you'll enjoy the feeling of success a completed to-do list brings – you'll see how you can live up to your expectations and in turn feel a boost of self-confidence about your abilities.



  1. A stumble may prevent the fall : Many working professionals feel that they do not have enough time to go to and fro coaching centers and attend the the tutors classes for competitive exam preparations, and go for self study trying to manage all without any guidance, with a hope of being able to crack the exam, many do succeed at it but majority end up wasting a major chunk of their limited yet valuable time in arranging the reference materials, study materials and self help books with very little information about the exact syllabus for their chosen exam. If you find it a vicious cycle and always end up underprepared then look no further than RICE because the online courses it offers have a holistic approach and are specific to the competitive exam the candidate plans to sit for. It guides you in your journey and prepares you for the exam in the correct fashion and prevents you from the feeling of lost direction.


  1. Slow and steady wins the race : Working professionals who cram for exams end up ill prepared, over tired, and over caffeinated. Even a small effort made consistently on a daily basis will give an aspirant the steadiness towards being prepared for the exam. Systematic preparation with proper mentoring and regular mock tests would make balancing study and work stress manageable.


  1. Practice makes perfect : Having a heavy work schedule and studying will inevitably cause you to stress out every now and then but consistency and regular practice on a day to day basis will put you in the mode of studying and prevent you from last minute preparation pressure. At RICE we have regular online classes and interactive sessions which can be availed by the working professionals who have time crunch due to busy work schedules. Practice would make study hours exciting rather than boring and stressful.


  1. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst : The worst thing about competitive exams is that it creates fear of failing and breaks the morale of the aspirant. Do not get afraid of the reports and rumors about results. Get full information about the exam, prepare well,use study references and preparation techniques before embarking on the journey.


  1. A stitch in time saves nine : Don't put off until tomorrow what you can complete today, you will never regret ditching the lethargy that sets in after work. Daily efforts to complete the syllabus would show exemplary results without making the preparation days monotonous.


  1. Life is what you make it : Your work will fill a large part of your life but don’t let it consume you fully. It is necessary to keep advancing yourself for a rewarding career. Don’t depend on motivation being the deciding factor for your performance but ensure its vice versa i.e to say that you work so dedicatedly towards your goal that the results of it drive you to work even harder.


  1. A trouble shared is a trouble halved : Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines for preparation. Time is more precious when you are carrying the responsibilities of work along with preparation for competitive government examinationsYou can find a friend in our teachers and mentors who help with a motive to guide you even in your busy work schedule. RICE online has interactive sessions where you can clear your doubts through these sessions itself, one need not visit the center and sit in the classroom to clear doubts.


  1. Where there's a will there’s a way : It is a given that there is no shortcut to success. Proper dedication to cover the entire syllabus and competent communication skills seems to top the list of tips to be successful in just about any realm. It is important to make a plan and  stick to it. Living a life, both as a professional and a student might create a strain on your personal life, but one is sure to succeed if the strain is converted by treating it as a motivation to achieve greatness in life.


  1. Technology Aid : Take advantage of the technology today and use the study apps and calendars. There are plenty of programs and apps available that help with all aspects of studying.


If you stay consistent with your study plan it will surely  improve your performance at the exams and help you to come out with flying colors. You have to keep working hard consistently in order to improve your performance at the exams, and give enough mock tests to know the true picture of your preparation,to meet the standards set for the achievement of a goal.