How to prepare for WBCS Examination


WBCS is known to be the most prestigious examination in West Bengal. The Public Service Commission, West Bengal organizes the Civil Service Exam for various posts in the West Bengal Government. The exam is conducted in three stages, that is to say prelims, mains, and interview.

Are you one of the lakhs of people who dream of becoming a civil service officer? Are you preparing for the WBCS Exam? Do you want to know how to crack the WBCS exam? If so, you're at the right place! In this blog post, We'll share some tips on how to prepare for the WBCS exam. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you prepare for the WBCS Exam.

Find the ultimate step-by-step guide to help you get through the selection process and the WBCS examination to crack the WBCS Exam successfully. We have covered the areas and habits that you must master to crack this exam.

In order to succeed at any competitive examination it is very important to strategically prepare for the WBCS exam. Below we have shared some tips on how an aspirant can prepare strategize to ace the examinations:

    1. Thorough understanding: It is important to fully understand the examination syllabus, paper pattern,marking schemes and answer keys before sitting to prepare and strategize your days ahead for the examination day. This ground work will give an idea and a firm sense of direction before taking up any topic of preparation. This is the first step to move correctly towards the desired results at WBCS Exams.


    1. Gather useful books and resources: The study material plays a crucial role in determining the knowledge and provides some good strategies for evaluating information sources in your area of study. A well researched material will prove to be an added advantage if you have a good mentor. At RICE the WBCS Classic Course is designed after rigorous research by the highly experienced faculty members of RICE. We aim to make sure that the WBCS exam proves to be the gateway to accomplish the students' dreams. The whole course is divided into 12 modules and one particular module is covered every month. The humongous number of books and reference materials available at our library is made accessible to students so that they get enriched in a way that is an added benefit for the candidate.


    1. Appearing for WBCS mock tests: Sitting for WBCS mock tests with seriousness and proper preparation, to get a hunch of one's performance level for the WBCS examinations. At RICE we have daily mock tests, doubt-clearance sessions, weekly and monthly test series programs. Moreover in addition to these we have devised scientific ways of capacity building to help aspirants to very lucidly crack the written examination as well as interviews in one shot.


    1. Improving current affairs and general ability: Mastering Current Affairs, and General Mental Ability would help crack the mains and position you as a highly learned person with quality education. Attempt to master the English language. This will give an edge over others in today’s highly competitive environment. Our scientific ways of capacity building help aspirants make competitive examinations a cakewalk.


    1. Practice: Do MCQ solving practice for Prelims. Do answer writing practice for Mains. It has been seen that quite a lot of questions are repeated from past 15-20 years' question papers in the W.B.C.S. exam. But there is no set rule for this. In both Preliminary and Mains exam the questions are repeated mostly in the MCQ area. Now you can effortlessly revolutionize the task of achieving your dreams with RICE, West Bengal’s premier WBCS coaching institute as it offers answer keys to previous papers.


Last but not the least to say, It's important to start preparation early, revise your learnings with a set schedule and keep a good care of your health so that the brain runs at an optimum speed. Always remember that consistency is the key to success. Our aim is to make competitive examinations a cakewalk for you. Come and join RICE today and give wings to your dream.

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