How to stay motivated during UPSC preparation?

Aspirants have the highest level of motivation when they are thinking of preparing for the civil services exam. But gradually as they embark on this journey self-doubt and low phases pop up from time to time. However there is nothing to worry about this, as every aspirant including toppers, go through this, given the rigorous nature of this exam that demands discipline and consistency. In such phases it is best to think about what was in our mind when we started this journey and set a purpose for ourselves. This purpose itself is a motivation.

Another great motivation comes from 'observation'. To observe one's surroundings. This has two advantages - 1. It will make us more aware of our environment and motivate us to make it better and 2. This awareness will reflect in our answers which will help us both in mains as well as interview.

Further what can kept in mind are-

1. Set smaller goals, achieving which will motivate you to do more next time.
2. Talk to people who inspire and motivate you.
3. Stay away from people who demotivate you and make you feel low.
4. Exercise regularly because it will give you a sense of discipline and energy.
5. Sleep and wake up on time.
6. Pursue a hobby and take out time for it.
7. Don't watch too many motivational videos as it can draw you into a loop and you may end up losing more time.

Written By -

Jyoti Upadhyay
Faculty RICE IAS