Is coaching required for clearing UPSC Examination?


As I have indicated in my previous blogs, UPSC exam is extremely competitive and if you are want to get selected just at the initial attempts, right guidance is a must! Having said this, it is not impossible to clear UPSC by self study. But let us see the edge that coaching provides you: 

  • Structured study plan which help an aspirant to identify important topics and prevent spending time on irrelevant topics. 
  • Experienced faculty members who have in depth understanding of UPSC exam and its syllabus. 
  • Teachers with experience can help students prepare doable comprehensive plans keeping in mind the emerging trends of this exam. 
  • Coaching also provides comprehensive study materials and magazines specifically tailored for this exam. Also they are periodically updated. 
  • Coaching also provides periodic mock tests which help students analyse whether they are on the right track. 
  • Additionally, the test series that start 6-7 months prior to the main exam also gives the students an idea about the proper exam environment with time boundation and UPSC aligned questions. This reduces their anxiety and help them perform better on the actual exam day. 
  • Coaching classes are not just unidirectional flow of knowledge, they are also places of discussion. In class, through student – teacher interactions, there is exchange of knowledge which broadens the perspective of the students.  
  • As we know UPSC exam is not about knowledge of facts rather it is about analysing and understanding those facts. Classroom discussions give right direction to these thoughts. 
  • UPSC is a challenging journey and there are very high chances of students getting demotivated and derail. Coaching provides a supporting environment where the aspirants can talk to their peers and teachers, they can share their feelings and get back on track even stronger than before!  
  • Most importantly coaching also explains in details the approach that a candidate should have to attempt different types of questions. Our approach to questions can make or break the chances of selection. 


In short, coaching offers valuable guidance—it helps you learn from others' mistakes and reach your goal faster. However, it's ultimately depend on you to take the journey forward! 

I hope this post was helpful! 

Wish you the best!