Studying for banking exams? Here are some important guidelines

Studying for banking exams? Here are some important guidelines

Banking exams are considered to be the most sought after jobs because of a high job security track record. Every year, many students appear for various bank jobs all over India. selection of candidates depends on how much hard work they have put in while  preparing for the exam.

The major bank exams conducted in India are:

  • SBI Exams
  • RBI Exams
  • IBPS Exams

Clearing banking examinations require dedication and strategic preparation. Here are some important and effective tips on how to prepare for bank exams:

  1. Understanding the syllabus and study pattern:
  2. It is necessary to understand the exam paper pattern and banking syllabus, so that you can manage time properly. Get proper training sessions to face the interviews for bank PO posts. The subjects that need to be prepared for the banking exams are: Mathematics, English(Objective), English(Descriptive), Computer Application, GK and CA. Understanding the syllabus and weightage given to the subjects will help in organised study patterns and save a candidate from wasting time on learning unnecessary topics.

  1. Proper planning about the examination:
  2. The bank exam paper may include questions from any particular section or topic of the syllabus. The candidates should be well prepared to attempt a variety of bank exam questions. The key to excelling in bank exams is knowing the exam well in advance. Being prepared for the exam well, saves the aspirant from failure due to ignorance.

  1. Make a timetable:
  2. Aspirants who plan to prepare for the bank examinations, should sit and strategically curate a well planned study timetable, so that  one has a roadmap in front of his/her eyes to prepare according to it. This will save time from procrastination which in the long run shows a lot of time is wasted in thinking rather than taking actions and learning.

  1. Practise more of Previous Papers & Mock Tests:
  2. Candidates should aim at tracking the accuracy while solving the mock examinations and banking previous year paper problems. The candidates should time themselves while solving the papers, as to how much time is devoted to which section and if the type of question at all requires that amount of time spent while solving it. Going through the previous years’ bank exam question papers and mock tests will give an insight into the important topics and the bank exam pattern to the candidate. Solving the papers will not only guide candidates towards time management but also help them in understanding the paper pattern  and judge the standard of questions asked well.

    A clear understanding of the bank exam pattern would make the candidate aware of their strengths and weaknesses. This helps the banking aspirants on emphasizing on the areas they are weak in and focus on improving them.

  1. Taking Coaching should be considered:
  2. In coaching institutes, we have mentors who are subject matter experts in the banking examination. Under their guidance it is easier to get solutions for the problems. Opting to prepare from the coaching center can also help the candidate with shortcuts and tricks for solving the bank exams question papers with speed and accuracy. RICE offers a complete Banking PRO Complete course to help candidates who aspire to become a banker.  The course duration is 6 Months months with Interactive Live classes and printed handouts of banking study material.

  1. Mock interview sessions:
  2. Sitting for and attending mock interview sessions help candidates get a clear picture about the flow of the interviews conducted for the qualifying candidates. The candidate will be well prepared in advance if he/ she attends and grasps about what an interviewer wants to test in a candidate.

  1. Revision:
  2. Making short notes of the bank exam syllabus can prove beneficial for candidates quick last-minute revision. It is important to note that rigorous revision is needed to crack a bank exam after the candidates are done with the complete bank exam syllabus. The short notes prepared during the study time are more important at the time of revision.

  1. Stay updated with Important Topics:
  2. For the Bank Exams, a candidate’s focus should be on preparing as per the latest bank exam syllabus. Candidates who aspire to sit for banking examinations must have the habit of reading the newspaper, magazines about politics and Indian economy, to have a fine grip on Current Affairs and important news. Besides, candidates need to update themselves regularly, because most of the questions are asked to test the general knowledge of a candidate. Reading daily newspapers would be helpful in enhancing the verbal skills of candidates.

RICE Education, the top educational institute in Kolkata, West Bengal has the legacy of providing bank exam coaching for over thirty five years now. It is known for providing the best guidance to the aspirants for the preparation of online banking exam by the highly experienced faculty members. Online banking exams such as SBI PO, IBPS Bank PO and RRB Bank PO exams as well as clerical exams coaching is provided at RICE Education. Our Courses will help you prepare better for accuracy and speed and help you crack the bank exams with the help of a series of video lectures, mock tests and solutions to previous year Bank PO exams.

Now that you have a basic knowledge of how to prepare for the bank exam, we really hope you make it to the cutoff marks in a breeze. In fact, be in a position to score as high as possible because clearing the cutoff alone doesn’t guarantee selection. If you face any hindrances while understanding the subject, then do drop your queries and we will readily get back to you.

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