Tips to clear Govt. Exams 2022

Despite technology advances, changing demographics, and the growing influence of consumers government jobs have still not lost their craze, its talent department is reshaping the future of work, creating opportunities as well as threats.

Every year lakhs of students who graduate from various streams start preparing for the government exams due to various factors like job stability, good salary, extra amenities, and much more.

UPSC CSE is considered to be one of the toughest government examinations in the country and this claim is not without merit. Of the lakhs of aspirants who appear for the exam each year, only a little under 1% of them qualify to become the future leaders and change-makers of the country. With so many students preparing for the exam only some make it to the final list. Many students wonder what makes the people who qualify different from the ones who do not. Well, today we would like to discuss the same and list some factors which are effective in getting success in the government exam.

There are a lot of myths that go around about students who crack the government exams, some of which are: one must study for 15 hours, one must be a brilliant student and a topper in school and college, the students who crack the exam are extraordinary and many more. Well, all this is not true at all, with passing times the chances of getting success in the government exams is becoming difficult due to the rising competition.

While some students rely on coaching institutes, some prepare by themselves and crack the competitive exam. So without discussing more let’s discuss the important things which one must understand if they want to crack a government exam.

Few Effective Strategies to clear Government Exams.

Know the Exam 

Knowing the exam will provide you with a pathway that you must follow in order to crack the exam. The things that you must know about the exam are:

  1. Syllabus of the exam
  2. Eligibility criteria for the exam
  3. The job position that you are applying for and the department it falls under.
  4. Job responsibilities

Have A Plan 

A goal without a plan is just a wish and wishes do not always come true. So form a plan, make a strategy, and start your preparation.  Ensure that you incorporate all the stages of the exam in your strategy.

Be Regular with the News  

If you are preparing for government exams, it is with no doubt that you will be tested on your current affairs and what is going on around the world. SO the one effective tip for the exam is to be regular with the news. With the digital age there are various means through which you can get your daily news:

Solve Past Year Papers 

 Past year papers are like the key tip in getting success in government jobs. These are like the practice paper which gives you an idea about the type of exam, marks allotment, and the questions that will be asked in the same. There is also a strong perception that by going through the previous years’ question papers, it becomes easy for the candidate to figure out the common questions.

Prepare for All the Stages 

Most government exams are a two-stage process: a written exam followed by an interview. So no matter which exam you are preparing for making sure you are firstly aware of the number of stages and their respective syllabus and that you are preparing for them simultaneously. Do not just prepare for the first stage and then wait for the results then start with the second stage preparation. Before you know it may be too late for the preparation. Thus, prepare for all the stages and keep yourself ready for the exam as a whole.

Last but not least: Remain Positive 

Motivation and positivity are the key driving force of success in life. So no matter whether you fail or succeed in the first attempt it is necessary to stay motivated and confident about yourself and your abilities. 

The competitive exams require deep conceptual clarity of the subjects. Mere speculations and half-hearted efforts will never bring you success rigorous hard work and tireless endeavors are required.

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We hope these tips help you in getting success in the exam that you are preparing for and bring you a lot of good wishes and a great life ahead. Until then we wish you all the luck for your preparation, keep studying and stay fit and healthy.