What are the changes required in the approach with the Evolving UPSC exam pattern? -PART 2

Hello UPSC aspirants…!!!!!!!! 

I hope as the exams are getting closer with every passing day your preparation has been on track simultaneously. 

In the first blog we were looked into certain myths created around UPSC preparation and we redefined the truth around it. 


The question regarding the increasing toughness of the CSAT paper still needs to be addressed…!!How we can approach it? Do we need to start preparing for CAT level math now? Is UPSC being unfair to the humanities students? How do one with a humanities background approach CSAT? 


This were certain questions which were lefty unanswered in our previous blog which I would like to unfold along the course of this blog and focus on some other changing aspects of the examination. 


One of the most horrifying changes for aspirants those who appeared in preliminary exam of 2023 was the increasing toughness of the qualifying paper yes..!! the CSAT. There were many statements from the aspirant community defining paper on lines of CAT exam…!! In fact students went to the highest judiciary our Supreme court and filed petition against toughness level of the CSAT paper. However, UPSC claimed the questions were solvable by any one with good basic numeracy of class 10th level. 

As aspirants one things should be clear to you that you have to prepare now as per the changing trends. You can’t keep complaining. Adapt to the change because your end goal is to become an OFFICER…!!Right? 



Now how do we do that? So, lets come up with a plan for this and proceed in a step by step manner. 

  • Now you can no more prepare CSAT within a time span of 2-3 months. It has to be a yearlong process. 
  • Practice ..Practice and Practice..!!! That’s the only way to increase your efficiency. 
  • For comprehension the only source is to practice is previous year question paper of UPSC. Nothing else can measure its standard. Reading habit inculcation is very important aspect to solve comprehension. (As insisted earlier you can start newspaper reading religiously for this purpose). 
  • The questions of quantitative aptitude were something that came as a shock. Now you need to analyze the changing pattern the questions were mostly from statement based (data sufficiency), number system(look at picture below) and lastly increasing questions from intermixing of topics together. We also notice less question from profit & loss, percentage, Time & work etc. But remember you never know when UPSC can turn back to these topics so they have to be prepared. 
  • For increasing speed you can remember some key tables (2-25), squares (2-25), cubes (1-15), prime number (1-100) etc.. on your tips and revisit them daily. 
  • There is no need to prepare from CAT materials. Both exams are of different levels DON’T LISTEN THE HUE AND CRY. 
  • For Humanities student you can do some questions on a regular basis that will make it easier for you later on and also get your basics correct before you get into complex questions. 

I hope this blog was useful. Thank you.

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