What to Think When You Think About The UPSC-CSE

Do you find the idea of working as a bureaucrat and serving the country fascinating? Each year, between  1,000,000 to 12,000,000 individuals apply for the UPSC-CSE exam. The number goes up to 14,000,000 in certain years. Only 10,000 to 15,000 of those students pass the first stage (Prelims).  

What distinguishes the chosen applicants from the rest? Their attention to planning, diligence and execution. It’s worth thinking on the following lines:


  • Understand The Exam: Through the latest CSE Notification 
  • Understand The Syllabus: Mentioned in the CSE Notification
  • Plan: It’s All In The Finer Details  

Choose a good set of resource materials for the Static and Current sections of the syllabus and stick to them.  RICE IAS offers the best set of printed notes and class handouts along with the monthly current affairs. The RICE IAS library is well-stocked with the books you need to refer to.


Stay updated through news, newspapers and current affairs magazines. Make sure to follow up with news, government schemes and significant economic and political decisions taken by the government during crises or in general. RICE IAS library has subscriptions for the most important magazines and newspapers any sincere aspirant needs to get updated with. 


  • Flexible But Organised 
  • Goal-Oriented 
  • Time-Bound Study Sessions  
  • Set Goals  

Prioritise your task to manage your time. You might be a college student or already doing a job while preparing, which leaves you with less time for self-study. Prioritise your weak areas to make effective use of your time. The faculty team and the reading room facility inside the library help you remain motivated. Peer-to-peer learning is ensured inside the classroom and in the reading room. 


There is no use of accumulated knowledge if you’re not testing it. 

It’s essential to test your preparation from time to time by joining a test series. Test series not only test your preparation but always allow you to compete with fellow aspirants and get more familiar with the exam environment. It allows you to practise writing answers and getting them evaluated by teachers. 

Test series enhances your preparation and highlights your weak areas. RICE offers IAS test series which matches the CSE level. 

RICE IAS offers you support and mentorship at all 5 stages. 

Stay Happy!

Stay Motivated!

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Written By - 

Mr. Amit Akshay
RICE IAS Faculty