Why are government jobs better than any other sector job?

Career planning helps the individual know various career opportunities and his priorities in life. It helps him select the career suitable to his lifestyle, preference, family environment and his scope for self-development throughout. It also helps the organization identify talented employees who can be promoted.

There is a dilemma always faced by individuals when on the verge of starting their career or making a decision as to which career they should choose. Those who do their research well before taking a decision, always aspire for government sector jobs. The root cause of why government jobs are the first preference is job security. Good performance within the department can lead to exponential growth.


In government offices, levels of controls are quite less. Government job gives you the liberty to work freely, but in a restricted space. Government jobs are steady even in the face of market variations and offer great job certainty whereas there is no job security in the private sector. While selecting the career option there is a thought that goes with regards to salary one would be earning. Apart from a fixed monthly salary, the public sector provides other perks and benefits such as medical coverage and insurance to its employees. Once you get a government job, an individual is free from the fear of losing it. However, this is not the case in the private sector. Another massive advantage of procuring a government job is the retirement benefits including solid pension plans. Pension is a very important aspect in an employee’s life as it secures their retirement and they do not have to worry about earning in their old age. There is no provision of pension in the private sector whereas the government jobs do provide it.

Private jobs exert more pressure in terms of work and life balance in comparison to a government job. The processes in government jobs are rather easy-going as compared to the private sectors. Employees welfare is of utmost importance where government sector jobs are concerned.

As a general rule we all know that the government sector has better benefits and policies designed for employee welfare. Employee benefits include health benefits, vacation, sick leaves, paid holidays, retirement benefits along with steady raises and salary increments. Whereas the opposite is the case for the private sector as the benefits are pretty darn scarce. It is commonly known to all that the kind of benefits government jobs offer is unmatched. Not only salary but also fringe benefits attached to the post are huge with house and transportation being the focus, depending on the position held in the department.

Government jobs have fixed timing which allows you to plan your schedule around it, whereas for the private sector jobs the focus is on getting the work done anyhow, they expect you to go out of your way and get the job done. Government jobs allow you to take up hobbies, enjoy leisure time and spend more time with family.

There is relatively lower downsizing of departments in the government sector in comparison to the private sector. There is a risk in the private sector of losing the job in case you're unable to perform or if you do not keep yourself updated with the trends in the market. An individual is sure to fall prey to downsizing in private organizations when not updated, however where the government job is concerned the work may seem mundane but there is a hierarchy in the organization and all are having responsibilities to shoulder upon as per their position held in the hierarchy.

Are you interested in the government sector Jobs? There are many government jobs afloat in the market, more than 2 lakh job opportunities for undergraduates itself. The most popular government official jobs are WBCS, BANK PO, RAILWAY, SSC CGL.

If you want to get into a government job it is very simple, one just has to crack the exam. There are very few academic background checks in the screening process of government jobs, therefore it is easier to get into one.

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